About Us

    In 2016 Kian Khan Iranian Company was founded to be a bentonite powder manufacturer. We began our journey with buying three mines which have the finest bentonite in eastern parts of Iran. These mines include Eshkaftook (25 square kilometers), Chah Paniri (3 square kilometers) and Tavakol (3 square kilometers). Our next step was constructing a factory in Khusf Industrial Zone with the area of 100000 square meters. We equipped our laboratory with the latest technologies available to have accurate results which help us produce the best products possible.

   We can provide bentonite powder that is used in many different industries such as drilling, iron casting, livestock food, paper production, tile and ceramics, agriculture, detergents, pet litter, cosmetics or any other uses according to our customers’ requirements.

Advanced production lines

Factory equipped with the latest and most advanced micronized powder production lines with further improvements 

Exploitation of large mines

The company utilizes large deposits with high reserves and also has a variety of bentonite grids including API, OCMA and ...

equipped lab

Utilizing all the world's most up-to-date laboratory equipment and technicians specializing in bentonite testing

Eshkaftook mine

eshkaftook mine
bentonite clay
eshkaftook mine


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Contact us

Headquarters Address:

No8 - Ghafari 19 Ave - Ghafari St - Birjand - South Khorasan Province - Iran

Factory Address:

Industrial Estate of Khusf - South Khorasan Province - Iran

Headquarters Phone Number:

 (+98) 56-32041243

Sales manager:

(+98) 915-334 6095